Graduate Certificates, Concentrations, and Tracks

Global Health tracks and concentrations allow students to gain an understanding of global health issues from an interdisciplinary and global perspective while completing their degree program.  Below is a list of tracks and concentrations available at the Graduate and Professional Schools:

Global Health Certificate

Graduate and professional students at Yale (except those in the global health concentration at YSPH) may pursue the Graduate Certificate in Global Health as part of their degree program. This Certificate provides students with the opportunity to develop expertise in global health and includes recognition that a student has completed interdisciplinary study and integrative research to address fundamental and applied economic, political, social, cultural, and scientific issues relevant to global health.

Yale School of Public Health, Global Health Concentration

M.P.H. students in the traditional two–year program may complete this concentration while they satisfy the requirements of their respective departments or programs. The multidisciplinary approach of the Global Health Concentration encourages creativity and innovation, while fostering a global perspective. 

Yale School of Medicine, Certificate in Global Medicine 

Medical students are able to pursue a variety of didactic, research, and clinical experiences in global health at Yale. The Certificate program organizes coursework and international experiences into a longitudinal curriculum that a student can complete over four (or five) years of medical school. 

Yale School of Medicine, Office of International Medical Student Education (OIMSE) 

OIMSE facilitates opportunities for medical students to experience medicine as it is practiced throughout the world and to enrich the learning environment at YSM by providing opportunities for students from international schools to come to Yale for clinical electives.

Yale School of Medicine, Internal Medicine Office of Global Health 

In partnership with the Yale/Stanford Johnson & Johnson Global Health Scholars Program, the Office of Global Health provides career-changing experiences for medical residents who want to help patients in greatest need while seeking to expand their own understanding of human health and disease by seeing how medicine is practiced in other parts of the world. Our long-term commitments to partner sites in South Africa, Uganda, Liberia, Rwanda and Indonesia are to benefit patients and physicians in these host countries while improving training of US-based physicians in global health. 

Yale School of Medicine, Emergency Medicine’s Global Health Program 

Yale emergency medicine residents have the opportunity to perform electives in underserved areas, both domestic and foreign. As part of our commitment to resident education, Yale offers several funding options for those with a desire to explore global health.

Yale School of Nursing, Global Health Concentration 

The Global Health Concentration consists of a series of rigorous academic, scholarly and clinical/application requirements and is open to qualified final year MSN students who demonstrate a commitment to global health practice/policy, scholarship and research.

Yale Pediatric Global Health Track

The Yale Pediatric Global Health Curriculum is a flexible 2.5 year program embedded in the educational curriculum of the Yale Pediatric Residency. Lectures and workshops are open to all Yale-New Haven House Staff, Attendings, and Fellows, as well as Yale University students.

Yale Psychiatry, Global Mental Health

Yale Psychiatry’s Global Mental Health Program is an exciting new track that capitalizes on the broad and diverse experiences of our faculty and trainees. The elective hosts visiting speakers, and is open to the entire Yale community.